Our Guests

From time to time we will be joined by some very special guests as part of our podcast:


Episode 3 

We were joined by Linz Riding who completed the same comedy course as the 3 of us, with her first gig being as the opening act following the course in front of 300 people.

She brought her story, her note pad of jokes and most importantly...lasagne.



Episode 4 

We were joined by David "Riggs" Regan who shared his experience of 388 gigs, one night in Hamburg, advice to new comics starting on their journey and we deviate to stories about bad hair cuts and rules on Toby Carvery condiments...all with a home made pasta bake.




James McD.jpg

Episode 5 

We were joined by James McDonnell discussing THAT incident....oh yeah, and THAT one too, along with how he started out, advice for new comics and sang us a couple of songs.